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HR & Payroll Software

In this Document we'll know following things about HR & Payroll software.

  • How to create company and its sub devision.
  • User creation and their right.
  • Employee's salary creation
  • Employee's Deduction/

Follow the following steps to open HR & Payroll Software.

Search Payroll.hexashell.co.in, in the browser.

payroll login

2. Enter the username & password then click on login. Select the company name and location of the company.


1.Create Company

Here we can create the company and add the genernal information of the company.


2. Modify Company.

From here we can modify the general information of the company eg. username, password, address etc

modify company

3. Create User

From here we can create user and assign their department. We can create the username and password of the employee for the access of software.
We can give right to the user like they will receive mail or not, they can broadcast massage or not or they can authorize leave or not

Location Here we can give right to user for different location of same company.
Role Name In the role name we can make a template in which we can give the set of right. whenever we choose that template the selected right in role name will automtically applied to user.

create user

4. User Right Management

From here we can give right to the user.

User Name Select the user name of which you want to give right.
Tick on the checkbox of which right you want to give.


5. Roles Masters

In the Role Master, we can create the roles .

roles masters

6. Roles Mangement

In the Roles Management, we can select the rights for that particular role.
example We have been created ABC role and want to give all right to that role.

Roles Name Select the roles of which


7. Bulk User Create

In the Bulk User Create, we can create the User in the bulk.

From here we can see create theirusername & password

bulk usre create

8. Password Change

In password change, we can change the password of the company.
Old Password Enter the old password of the company.
New Password Enter the new password of the company.
Confirm Password Enter the new password again & click on the 'Change Password'.

password change

9. Contractor's Details & Perticulars

In the Contractor's Details & Perticulars, We can save the contactor details here. We can generate the Contractor Code save their Registered Office Addrss and their Personal information.


10. Location

In Location, We can create the different location/site of the company.


11. Earning/Deduction

In the Earning/Deduction, we can calculate the earning of the employee & we can calculate the amount which will Deducte from the salary of the employee.


12. System Parameter

In the System Parameter, we can define the different parameter for the employee. Eg. weekly off of the employee, salary of the employee will calculate on daily bases or monthly etc.

system parameter

13. TDS Parameter

In the TDS Parameter, we can calculate the income tax of the employee & define the tax slab of the employee.


14. Salary Structure

In the Salary Structure, we can make the salary for group of people eg. we make the salary for Accountant so when we apply this group each accountant will get same salary .


14. Shift

In the Shift, we can create different shift for employees, here we can discribe when the shift will start and when it will end, we can mention the lunch time for those are following this shift.


15. Present For Extra Days

In the Present For Extra Days, we can mark the present for employee if they worked some extra days.


16. Bank / Cash Master

In the Bank / Cash Maste, we can save the bank details of the company.